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Premier Knowledge is one of the most respected conference and training company in South Africa.

We provide In-houses, Conferences, Summits and workshops.

We are aware that Employee development and improving processes is a competitive advantage and strategic essential requirement in today’s difficult economic times, for that reason we assist organizations by helping them to make the most of their most vital resource: EMPLOYEES!

Our wide range of courses attracts a worldwide clientele thus ensuring important networking opportunities.

We pride ourselves in our efficient, highly motivated and innovative personnel and the excellent services we provide for our clients! We have a network of exceptional and professional facilitators, experts, speakers and innovators who are irrevocably dedicated to the success and development of your organisation!


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Onsite Training

Do you want any of our trainings and workshops to be specially and specifically customised for your department,company or organisation at a reasonable cost, at your venue and for your convenience?

We can make it happen!

We Bring Our Expertise to You! Do you have a group of 8 or more people to train? Take advantage of the flexibility, customization, focus and control that onsite learning solutions offers.

Business Consultancy

As a part of our services, one of our qualified consultants will review project plans, status reports, deliverables and aid your project/ program manager(s) and teams in making critical decisions, re-planning and prioritizing